What is EFT?


EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques" and is one of a developing suite of "Meridian Based Therapies" now available. They are simple, powerful methods of healing many physical and emotional issues. They can help release phobias, anxieties, addictions, anger, trauma and limiting beliefs. EFT has been described as "acupuncture without needles" and uses the same energy meridians that have been used in traditional Chinese acupuncture for 5,000 years. Instead of needles, gentle tapping on specific meridian points is used to move healing vibrational energy through your meridians while you think about your specific problem. The basic tapping points are pictured on the drawing at left.

For many emotional issues, the negative feeling you are having is caused by a conditioned disruption in one or more of your meridians. Any stimulus which reminds you of a past trauma recreates the disruption in the present and leads to the negative feeling. The combination of tapping the meridian points while holding the negative thought in mind neutralizes the disruption in your merdians and subtle energy system, dissipating the negative feeling. You will still have the memory of the event but will no longer feel the negative emotion when you think of it. More complex issues are handled by tapping on each aspect of the original trauma one at a time, systematically, until the negative "charge" of the whole experience melts away. The energies that had been wrapped up in these memories (or repressing them) are then freed up to be channeled into more positive pursuits.

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EFT in a Nutshell: First, rate the intensity of your problem (your "SUDS" level - Subjective Units of Distress) on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being worst. Then tap the Karate Chop point or rub the Sore Spot while saying a "Setup Phrase" to address possible Psychological Reversal (unconscious, self-sabotaging beliefs.) See chart in the upper-left corner for all tapping points. The Setup Phrase should state the problem to be addressed along with an affirmation, for example: "Even though I have this chocolate craving, I deeply and completely accept myself." Repeat this Setup phrase 3 times, then move to the tapping points and tap about 6 times at each spot while stating a reminder phrase of the problem (i.e. "This chocolate craving.") Tap all of the points while repeating this reminder phrase - this is to keep you "tuned in" to the thought-field of the problem. Rate your SUDS level again. If not a 0, repeat the EFT process, addressing all other specific aspects of the problem as needed until your SUDS level is down to a 0.

Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, EFT has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every problem you can name and it often works where nothing else will. You can learn all the basics from its founder Gary Craig for free by downloading the Free EFT Starter Manual from the official EFT website: www.emofree.com. For those of you who want to study further, I highly recommend checking out Gary's affordable EFT DVD Library. If you buy at least 2 sets they are discounted by 35% - normally $60 each, they drop to $39 each, and average about 15 hours of material per set.

A Scientific/Quantum Physics Explanation of Why EFT Works
Based on the work of Alex Lees and Gloria Arenson

A thought/emotion is a collection of photons held in an electromagnetic field in our meridian system. It is a "potentiality" in our energy field and meridians, but there's no molecular movement yet or physical occupation of space in the body. The brain, which is connected with the meridians, picks up on this potentiality and converts it to a language the body can understand: the neuropeptide. Dr. Candace Pert has 15 years of research behind the following statement: "The biochemical equivalent of the emotions are the neuropeptides." The neuropeptide then causes a release of relevant chemicals into the body - i.e. stressful, negative thoughts release cortisol, adrenaline, etc. causing a negative, unpleasant feeling in the body.

While the meridians carry energy throughout the body, there are seven energy centers in the body called chakras. The concept of chakras was first developed in ancient India. Chakras act like transformers and convert subtle energies into chemical, hormonal, and cellular changes in the body. Candace Pert's research revealed that there are clusters of emotional receptor cells in the chakra areas.

EFT addresses the negative thought/emotion you are focusing on AT ITS SOURCE - in its photon/potentiality phase in the meridians. Tapping resets the subtle energy in the body's meridians and neutralizes the negativity within that particular thought field. It is no longer processed by the brain, and outside stimuli no longer triggers the thought-field. The cascade of neuropeptides and chemicals that had caused the bad feeling in our body is also no longer triggered.

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