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About Dena Przybyla

I have been a student of spiritual and metaphysical topics my entire adult life. The first subject that consumed my attention was the Near-Death Experience, or NDE. As I read account after account of peoples' glimpses into the afterlife, my interest only grew. This information began to shape my views about the meaning of life and the notion that we all have a purpose for our time here on this planet. Love, compassion, forgiveness and the pursuit of knowledge are some of the highest things we can aspire to. Although I I have never experienced an NDE, I have read so many accounts I almost feel as though I have. I've vicariously experienced some of the same cognition and attitude changes NDE'rs undergo, which has led to my belief that anyone can reap the positive benefits of the NDE just by studying them.

I became a Reiki Master in 2004 and still very much respect this healing modality. I learned about EFT in 2006 and was compelled to become a teacher/practitioner of this powerful technique. Theta meditation and shamanic journeying influence my process. I also use EFT in combination with NDE wisdom and other spiritual/metaphysical concepts. We all have tremendous untapped potential as human beings, and EFT offers a powerful, efficient and effective way to unlock it.

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