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EFT/Energy Medicine Group Tapping Meeting

Where: The Den Coffeehouse and Cafe in Bothell
10415 Beardslee Blvd.
Bothell, WA  98011)

When: Saturday, August 29
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Cost: $15

The class will be held in a private meeting room located on the right side of the Cafe. If you will be a "yes" or a "maybe," please send me an email so I can get a sense of how many chairs to set up.

Hope to see you there!
We'll start with some Energy Medicine balancing exercises, then tap together while addressing individual concerns. EFT can help with just about anything, from physical and emotional issues to manifesting intentions, feeling more gratitude, strengthening intuition and living in a higher vibration.

You can have your issue addressed directly during the group, or keep it private and "borrow benefits" from the tapping even if you are working on an unrelated issue.  

Beginners welcome!



Here are descriptions of some workshops I have held in the past. E-mail me if you'd like to host one of the following workshops.

EFT for Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity
In this fun, energizing workshop we'll explore valuable insights from Marc Allen's "The Millionaire Course" and EFT Master Carol Look's "Attracting Abundance" work. We'll use EFT tapping to address any limiting beliefs you can think of which might be standing in the way of your total financial success. Dream big, and we'll use EFT to zap any doubts and fears that come up for you! We'll also work with some powerful meridian-based reprogramming techniques to implant your financial goals into your energy system so that you manifest them faster.
"You will become as great as your dominant aspiration. If you cherish a vision,
a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it."
-- James Allen

Raising Your Vibration With EFT
We'll focus on universal spiritual principles such as becoming more Loving and positive, tuning in to Gratitude more often, being more optimistic, forgiving, and just generally feeling lighter and brighter. We'll use EFT to clear the blocks to our most Loving and successful lives possible!

This workshop utilizes Borrowing Benefits with EFT. Borrowing Benefits involves tapping along while someone else is undergoing EFT. Interestingly, if you keep your own issue "in the background" you will likely experience results. Your mind automatically creates parallels and "Borrows Benefits" from someone else's tapping.
Read more about Borrowing Benefits here.
Contact me with questions or to RSVP.

Click here for the free Getting Started kit from Gary Craig's EFT website.

Top Manifesting Techniques
Super-charge your Manifesting! In this workshop we'll explore some of the most effective and efficient Manifesting techniques available. You'll receive a take-home manual detailing these techniques and a Daily Plan to keep you on track with your Manifesting goals and dreams. These techniques are based on scientific, quantum principles including the Unified Field Theory, the Law of Attraction and Morphic Fields. I'll show you how to combine these principles with the best elements of meditation, HeartMath, Abraham-Hicks channeled wisdom, EFT and Energy Medicine for a very powerful attractive effect. We'll also explore and discuss the best ways to put into practice the most powerful Manifesting technique of all: generating the coherent, heart-centered energy of sincere belief and gratitude as a magnetic manifesting force. As always, we'll use EFT and other energetic healing techniques to clear out any negative self-talk which may be blocking your Manifesting Success.

Meridian Therapies 101 - An Intro. to EFT and related Meridian Therapies
This class is an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as well as related Meridian Therapies such as TAB (Touch and Breathe), TAT (the Tapas Acupressure Technique), John Diamond's "Life Energy" work, and more. These techniques are based on the Chinese acupuncture system used in healing for thousands of years - but instead of using needles we gently tap the acupoints. You'll learn the history of these AMAZING healing techniques, how to apply them to yourself and others as well as some of the science behind why they work. In addition you'll learn quantum innovations such as Surrogate Tapping, Imagine the Tapping, Borrowing Benefits and more. Includes a take-home workbook.

Terms and Conditions:
Reading and/or using any information contained in this site as well as participation in Individual Sessions, Group Workshops or Classes are with the understanding that Dena Przybyla is a life coach and not a therapist, physician or counselor. You also understand that EFT, while effective, gentle and safe, is still considered an experimental healing modality and will use it at your own discretion.You agree to hold harmless Dena Przybyla as well as EFT founder Gary Craig for any discomfort or ill effect you may experience resulting from your use of EFT. When in doubt, consult your health care provider before using EFT or any alternative healing method.
Read full Disclaimer.