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EFT + Near-Death Experience Wisdom

My 2010 IANDS Conference Experience (IANDS = International Association for Near-Death Studies)

The Source/God Energy/Unconditional Love felt and experienced by those who have a Near-Death Experience often has a profound, life-changing effect upon them. They are changed for the better - they feel less stress and fear when back on earth and become more fearlessly loving in their lives. Old insecurities vanish as they have been reminded and now know on a more conscious level what truly matters in life: that we are ALL Unconditionally loved by God, always, and that our job on earth is to strive to be as loving, forgiving and compassionate as possible, as God is toward us.
No matter what our shortcomings or obstacles in life, when we reach The Other Side we are likely to have to answer the question: "What did you do with what you had?"
Having read many NDE's as well as hearing the firsthand account of an aunt who underwent one, I am convinced of the validity of the NDE and its after-effects. Just hearing and reading about NDE's has a healing, inspiring effect even on those who have never experienced one firsthand.
EFT also has a definite healing effect, transforming lives at the energetic level. I have been inspired to combine EFT with NDE wisdom to create a powerful healing modality.

To enjoy some of these effects, first read and meditate upon the following account of the classic Near-Death Experience while tapping the EFT points. If you like, you can just continuously tap the Karate Chop point while reading, but running through all of the tapping points is also beneficial. Really tune in to the energies of this account as you tap. Then tap along to the EFT scripts below it to help incorporate the healing, core-altering wisdom of the NDE into your energy system. Note: The words "God" and "Source" can be changed to whatever name or word that resonates with your beliefs.

"We become surrounded by a brilliant white Light after earthly death. All knowledge is contained in this Light, as well as the Unconditional Perfect Love of God. The Light is our Source... and the Light is US too - our Higher Selves, the part of us that transcends earthly life. Our soul is a part of this Light, and though it may not feel like it at times, and we forget about the Loving, healing, Unconditional Loving Light of the Source - God - we are never disconnected from it. It is always a part of us, available to us at any time - sometimes we forget this truth temporarily when mired in earthly concerns and consciousness, but we can tune back in to our Source at any time.

From the Source we learn that we are responsible for EVERY thought, word, intention and action we put forth while on earth, and after our earthly death we will experience a life review in which we will relive not only the things we did but ALL of their effects on others. We will FEEL what others felt as we affected them - EVEN WITH JUST OUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THEM. Thoughts are things, and have an energetic effect on everything and everyone around us. There is a ripple effect caused by every thought we have.
How loving and forgiving were your thoughts and intentions? What did you do with what you had? We are responsible for all thoughts, intentions and all energies we put forth on this planet!

We learn from the Source that the most important thing of all is LOVE. Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, the pursuit of Knowledge and pursuing our true, heartfelt passions are the highest virtues to which we can aspire while on Earth. Self-Love comes naturally after exposure to the Unconditional Light of The Source's Love. NDE'rs come away with a firsthand INNER KNOWING that we are all EQUALLY worthy of Love and are deeply, profoundly, completely loved and valued just for existing. This knowledge informs self-worth from a transcendent perspective, regardless of how we'd thought of ourselves or were treated by other people in the past. Every soul is deeply and completely deserving and worthy of the best Love there is! Human relationships are tests for us to aspire to this sort of love and forgiveness while away from our Source. Source-Love is never lost. It transcends time and space: we have always been Loved Unconditonally, and always will. We are never lost or apart from Love.


Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though the problems and distractions of everyday life keep me from remembering the Unconditional Love of Source which is with me always, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though there are still lessons I need to learn, otherwise I wouldn't have needed to incarnate on this planet and be here right now, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I had to leave my wonderful Spiritual Home and have been cut off from the Source which loves and accepts me unconditionally, I choose to open myself to feeling Source Love deeply and completely, and expressing it as much as possible while on earth.

EB (Eyebrow): This distance from the Unconditonal, Loving Light of my Source

SE (Side of the Eye): These blocks to fully remembering the Unconditonal, Loving Light of the Source, which is always a part of me

UE (Under the Eye): These blocks to knowing that I am 100% Lovable, worthy and valuable

UN (Under the Nose): RELEASING all blocks within me to this knowledge - setting the intention to remember Source Love completely

CH (Chin): The Source Loves me just as I am and forgives all my shortcomings. Maybe I could be more forgiving and Loving toward others?

CB (Collarbone): I've always known I am connected to Source, that everyone is connected to Source... it's just that I forget sometimes

UA (Under the Arm): But I choose to become more consciously connected to this knowledge of Unconditional Love... and that we are all One, connected in this Love

TH (Top of the Head): This Loving Source has never left us. I now open to feeling it infuse my entire being and life with strength, joy and wisdom!

EB: Unconditonal Source Love is always inside me and all around me, supporting me and lifting me up

SE: It's always with me.... it's just that I forget sometimes

UE: I am now removing ALL blocks of forgetfulness to this Love

UL: Opening to this Loving connection with my Source, which has never left me, and never will

CH: Opening up to expressing this Love in my life as much as possible toward myself and others

CB: It' s becoming easier and easier to remember this connection all the time

UA: I choose to make the channel of Love and wisdom between Source and me larger and larger, stronger and stronger, and inspiring it in others

TH: I choose to make this Loving connection between my Source and me active and permanent in my energy field. I love how wonderful this feels!

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