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2010 IANDS Conference - Denver, CO

Click to listen to my talk:

"Using Merdian Therapies to Facilitate NDE Wisdom".mp3 audio file

In September 2010 I attended the annual IANDS Conference in Denver (IANDS = International Association for Near-Death Studies) and gave a talk called "Using Meridian Therapies to Integrate Near-Death Experience Wisdom." Studying the NDE (Near-Death Experience) has been a strong interest of mine for quite some time. It seems to me that those who have glimpsed "the Other Side" have much to offer, as they know a bit about "what's next." They offer insights about the meaning and purpose of life, and the information they share can help us to make the most of our time here on the physical plane.

I enjoyed being a speaker as well as an attendee at this conference. It was great fun to bring together two of my passions in my talk -- Meridian Therapies (EFT) and Near-Death Experience wisdom. I got to hear many wonderful presentations, receive new insights, and enjoy the high-vibration energy of fellow truth-seekers.

My Notes from the Conference - Insights I received from other speakers:

- Love comes in different "flavors" -- i.e. compassion, kindness, generosity -- positive feelings of every variety come from the energy of love.

- NATURE reconnects us to the energy of heaven. Plants, trees, animals, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes all radiate Source energy. And although we sometimes forget, we, too ARE part of nature. We, too, are part of Source energy.

- Being in a body feels "squashed"... our spirits are much bigger than the size of a human body. Our auras are our spirits radiating from the constrained space.

- It is believed that the aura, chakras and meridians are made of the same substance as the Higher Dimensions - i.e. our essence, our "spirit," is the same as heaven. We don't just return to it -- we ARE it. Our purpose in life is not so much growing but remembering who and what we already are.

- One NDEer's summary of what he learned:
"All is everything, and everything is One."
Or, he put it another way:
"I am you. You are me. We are nature. All is One."

- We live in "Unity Universe," but many of us forget this and believe in the illusion of separation.

- "The Butterfly Effect" - everything we do, say and even think has a ripple effect.

Consciousness > Thought > Energy > Matter

Main NDEer Insights:

- At our essence, we ARE Love
- Our true state is Peace and Well-Being
- We are all One -- with each other, and with nature. Everything we do affects the whole.

- Love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness are the most important energies to strive to put forth in our lives.

How to live these insights in our daily lives?
- Reflect and meditate on them daily, or as often as possible.
- Do EFT tapping about these ideas to reinforce them and "reprogram" our habitual thinking.

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