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This Issue is from 03/04/2007:
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EFT-SEATTLE Newsletter, VOL. 1 ISSUE #3

In this issue:

- NEW BORROWING BENEFITS MEETING FORMAT AND TIME plus a required EFT Introductory class for newcomers
- Some Great FREE EFT Audio Resources
- "The Biology of Belief", a book by Bruce Lipton, and how it relates to EFT
- New Tapping Script: Let's get Clairvoyant!
- Upcoming Metaphysical Library Borrowing Benefits Meetings: Saturday March 17 and 31st at the new time: 11:00-12:30. EFT Intro. class March 17, 10:00-11:00.


Because new people are drawn to our Seattle Metaphysical Library Borrowing Benefits meetings all the time, there will now be a REQUIRED 1-hour Introductory EFT class for all new participants. Cost is a $12 donation to the Seattle Metaphysical Library (where our meetings are held) and includes a take-home workbook and detailed instruction. I'll be holding the class at least once a month, and the first class will be right before the next Borrowing Benefits meeting - March 17, from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Borrowing Benefits will follow immediately afterward from 11:00-12:30, cost for this is a $3 Library donation, total donation of $15 for the entire 2 1/2 hours. (The Borrowing Benefits meeting has been shortened by 30 minutes because no instruction of EFT will be required, and we can dive right into the tapping!) If you have attended at least one meeting in the past the Intro. class is not required (but you are certainly welcome to take the class anyway!) All proceeds go to the Seattle Metaphysical Library. Please spread the word to friends, family and anyone you think might be interested.
You can sign up ahead of time for the class using PayPal here:


I highly recommend taking advantage of these great archived interviews and tapping sessions courtesy of EFT experts Carol Look and Rick Wilkes. Listen online, or download by right-clicking on "MP3 Link" and selecting "Download" - then you can burn them onto CD's or transfer them to your MP3 Player. Hours of enjoyment!

Interviews by Carol Look with many EFT experts including Gary Craig -

Sessions - Listen and borrow benefits from these telephone sessions recorded by
Rick Wilkes -

EFT Talk with Carol and Rick, including opportunities to tap along with them -

Read the entire book review here:

Bruce Lipton's groundbreaking work in cell biology has determined that we are NOT slaves to our genes, as science has traditionally taught. He notes that 95% of cancer has NO hereditatry influence and is a result of our focus and environment in terms of stress and limiting beliefs. He also points out "the placebo effect" as evidence that belief is pivotal to our biology and reality. In a nutshell, he found that the nucleus of our cells, which contains our DNA, is not the brain of the cell - instead, the MEMBRANE of the cell functions as its brain, receiving environmental stimuli via receptors on its surface which then influence the direction of growth for the cell - for example, into healthy cells, or diseased cells.

Lipton invites us to ask ourselves what beliefs might be influencing our genes as well as our life experiences. Beliefs are derived from information we "download" from our environment, which leads to conclusions about ourselves and the world. We really don't see the world quite as it is - we see the world AS WE ARE. The world has everything in it, but we are tuned to specific frequencies - our "reality" - rooted in our beliefs. Beliefs control perception and what we manifest in life - and our lives are like a print-out of our operating beliefs!

Fortunately with EFT, changing old beliefs is possible. It takes some detective work and persistence, but it is very much like rewriting outdated files on a computer (your unconscious.) The challenge is to locate these old "files", or limiting beliefs, which can be done through a series of questions + applied kinesiology (muscle testing), introspection, meditation, hypnosis, or by paying attention to intuitions and dreams. Changing our beliefs - and by extension our life experience - boils down to shifting or neutralizing the particular energy photons of those beliefs in our electromagnetic field. EFT does this rather elegantly once the errant culprit beliefs and the experiences that caused them are brought to light. EFT can also be used to install positive, desirable beliefs once the old ones have been addressed and neutralized.


Many of us have had "gut feelings" that proved right, or have been fairly intuitive at times, but not too many of us would consider ourselves "psychic" or "clairvoyant." Well, I'm here to challenge your belief that you couldn't at the very least be a lot more intuitive! Perhaps you just haven't flexed your psychic muscle enough? Here's a tapping script to help loosen the limiting beliefs that could be keeping you from seeing and knowing more, and reaping the benefits of having a stronger sixth sense...
Note: I've added the Thymus Point to this script (TY - Thymus - Upper Middle Chest.) Let me know what you think about the addition of this point to the basic EFT recipe? It seems like a logical addition, since the Thymus is the central regulator of the immune system as well as all of the meridians!

EFT Script to help you Become More Psychic

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I've never really believed I could be clairvoyant or psychic, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I've been closed off and blocked from fully exploring and expressing my innate intuitive abilities, I deeply and completely accept myself despite my blocks.

KC or SS: Even though being telepathic or knowing the future hasn't come naturally to me so I assumed I just wasn't gifted in this area, I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): I'm not clairvoyant

SE (Side of the Eye):
I'm just not psychic

UE (Under the Eye): I have all this static in the way which blocks me

UN (Under the Nose): I don't believe I have telepathic powers

CH (Chin): I just don't have those innate gifts

CB (Collarbone): That's what I keep telling myself

TY (Thymus - Upper Middle Chest): Because it's never come naturally

UA (Under the Arm): I just assumed it wasn't possible for me

TH (Top of the Head):
But maybe I'm wrong

EB (Eyebrow): Maybe it's possible for me to be very psychic and intuitive

SE (Side of the Eye):
Maybe I CAN predict the future

UE (Under the Eye):
Maybe my intuition wants to help me

UN (Under the Nose): Perhaps I can develop these extraordinary senses

CH (Chin): Just by being open to them, and listening, and trusting

CB (Collarbone): So I dissolve all the blocks and the static

TY (Thymus - Upper Middle Chest):
Which have drowned out my natural intuition

UA (Under the Arm): Releasing ALL blocks to my natural clairvoyant ability

TH (Top of the Head): I didn't believe I could be psychic

EB (Eyebrow): But now I am releasing these limiting beliefs

SE (Side of the Eye): Open to the development of these parts of myself

UE (Under the Eye): There's so much I am capable of!

UN (Under the Nose):
I choose to tune in to my power

CH (Chin): I tune in to the knowledge that we are all connected energetically

CB (Collarbone): That we all swim in the same sea of energy and potential

TY (Thymus - Upper Middle Chest): The information is there all the time

UA (Under the Arm): But now I open to tuning in to all the knowledge relevant to

TH (Top of the Head): For my highest, best and most joyful life

Go to Tapping Scripts Library

Have fun with your tapping and keep me posted!
Kind Regards,



A reminder that we meet every other Saturday morning for EFT Borrowing Benefits at the Seattle Metaphysical Library. Experience EFT in a dynamic group setting. Upcoming meeting dates are: Saturday March 17th and Saturday March 31st at our NEW time: 11:00-12:30. An EFT Intro. class for newcomers to EFT will be offered from 10:00-11:00 on March 17. These Intro. classes will be offered approx. once per month and are now required for newcomers.
Cost for the class is a minimum $12 donation to the Library. Cost for Borrowing Benefits meetings is a minimum $3 donation.

THANK YOU for supporting the Seattle Metaphysical Library with your donations.

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