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These are success stories I have witnessed or heard firsthand in working with people (and animals) both in group settings and individually. Names have been abbreviated and/or changed to protect privacy. To read thousands more case studies and success stories, visit www.emofree.com.
If you have an EFT success story to submit, e-mail me at dena@eft-seattle.com

Codependent Mother - A.Q. had issues with an overbearing mother, who made her feel guilty about moving out and having her own life. We tapped for about a half hour on her feelings of guilt and fear about her mother not being okay with her independence. Within a week A.Q. had concrete plans to move out, and her mother was openly supportive of her and these plans!

Cat Shyness and Cravings - Using surrogate tapping on "fear," D.P. was able to reduce a cat's skittish behavior around new people, and by tapping on "feeling deprived" dramatically reduce the cat's tendency to beg for treats and table scraps.

Coffee Cravings - After only two rounds of tapping, E.M. got rid of her coffee cravings and has not had it since - it's been at least four months!

Remembering Past Lives - M.B. could not remember any past lives; we tapped on her blocks to remembering past lives. THAT NIGHT she had THREE past-life dreams!

Surrogate Tapping for Crying Kids - D.P. found she was able to soothe crying kids in public places by using surrogate imagine-the-tapping. The top-of-the-head point seems to work best - just picturing patting the crying kid on the head without doing setup or any other points seems to make the child forget what he/she's upset about.

Overcast Weather - A group of us tapped on our desire to not be affected by the dreary, rainy Northwest winter weather, not seeing the sun for days, etc. Some of us reported immediate results in terms of no longer being affected negatively by overcast weather - feeling neutral about it, with mood no longer affected.

Writer's Block and Procrastination - E. had been procrastinating in doing her taxes. After Borrowing Benefits while tapping for other peoples' issues, she went home and completed her taxes in an easy, quick, almost effortless manner! Also, in a later session we addressed procrastination, writer's block and fear in regards to a novel she's always wanted to write. We did a couple of rounds addressing this issue specifically, and that night she went home and wrote 5 chapters of the new book!

Acid Reflux - D.P. had a problem with recurrent acid reflux. After tapping regularly for other issues, one day she noticed that the acid reflux had been about 99% improved in recent memory - for the last several months. She had almost forgotten it was an issue.

New Job - C. had a choice to make - stay here in Seattle or pursue employment in NYC. She felt pulled equally in both directions. We muscle-tested on which would be best for her highest life-path, and the answer came back NYC. So we tapped on strengthening intuition in regards to the best moves to make for fulfilling her highest life purpose. A few weeks later she took an exploratory trip to NYC - and was offered a wonderful job opportunity, perfect for her!

Eating Better Naturally - D.P., L.S. and many other EFT'ers have noticed a very natural change in eating habits - without any willpower, without dieting, they have begun to eat better and better. They just naturally crave more nutritious and less fatty foods, in smaller quantities. They had tapped on "eating better naturally," and over time this behavior settled in to their energy systems as current reality. They found they no longer craved food with preservatives or artificial sweeteners as much. Oh, and the pounds are melting off - but without a feeling of deprivation.