Using More of My Brain Power

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though science tells me I am only using a small percentage of my available brain power, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I wouldn't even know how to use more of my brain than I currently am, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though part of me doesn't feel it's possible to use more of my innate intelligence, I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): Science says we only use a small percentage of our brain's power

SE (Side of the Eye): And that's just how it is

UE (Under the Eye): So much of our brain power potential is untapped, wasted

UN (Under the Nose): And I'm powerless to change that

CH (Chin): No I'm not!

CB (Collarbone): I'm releasing these blocks and limiting beliefs

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): Releasing perceived powerlessness

UA (Under the Arm): They are just illusions

TH (Top of the Head): I can do so much more!

EB (Eyebrow): There are gifts in me I haven't yet explored

SE (Side of the Eye): And now I am open to them

UE (Under the Eye): I can't wait to bring forward more of my innate strength

UN (Under the Nose): And do things I didn't even know I could excel at

CH (Chin): Opening up to my FULL potential

CB (Collarbone): I can make use of a lot more of my brain power

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): Just the right amount for my Highest, Best most Joyful life

UA (Under the Arm): This is so amazing!

TH (Top of the Head): I am so powerful!

EB (Eyebrow): Expanding beyond my self-imposed limits

SE (Side of the Eye): Who knows what I am capable of?

UE (Under the Eye): There are strengths and gifts inside me

UN (Under the Nose): There is untapped potential and power

CH (Chin): I am tapping into it now

CB (Collarbone): This power that had been lying dormant inside me, unused

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): I can feel it stirring and awakening now

UA (Under the Arm): Rising up as energy and strength - I look forward to all I will do and accomplish

TH (Top of the Head): Now that I'm in touch with the full, amazing power and potential of my awesome brain, and can tap into just the right energies for my BEST Life!

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