Clearing Doubt and Accelerating the Law of Attraction

EFT works extremely well hand-in-hand with The Law of Attraction. EFT is an excellent clearing tool, helping to neutralize negative self-talk and self-sabotage, paving the way for our goals and dreams to become a reality. Use this script to address doubts, fears and inner obstacles which may be impeding the intention process in your life. Start by clearly visualizing your desired goal with gratitude, as if it's already happened... then see if any negative, doubtful thoughts come up. Tune in to your specific doubts while tapping along with this script:

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS):
Even though I have all these doubts
about the power of intention, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

KC or SS:
Even though I have all these doubts, fears and negative self-talk
blocking me from fully believing the Law of Attraction can work for me, I deeply and
completely love and accept myself.

KC or SS:
Even though I'm growing impatient and have a hard time trusting that
the intention process will work for me, I unconditionally love and accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): Sometimes it seems like a waste of time

SE (Side of the Eye): I don't fully believe this intention stuff can really work

UE (Under the Eye): I'm not getting great results yet

UN (Under the Nose): Why isn't it working? Why is it taking so long?

CH (Chin): Am I doing it wrong? What's missing here?

CB (Collarbone): Maybe I don't deserve these things I'm trying to manifest

UA (Under the Arm): I am getting impatient; things just aren't happening fast enough

TH (Top of the Head): When will my intentions become my reality?

EB (Eyebrow): These doubts and fears

SE (Side of the Eye): These limiting beliefs

UE (Under the Eye): These perceived obstacles

UN (Under the Nose): This negative self-talk

CH (Chin): This self-sabotage

CB (Collarbone): All this negativity

UA (Under the Arm): Standing in the way of my intentions

TH (Top of the Head): Becoming my reality

EB (Eyebrow): But maybe I can relax about all of this

SE (Side of the Eye): And have some more faith in the intention process

UE (Under the Eye): I've already had a few successes

UN (Under the Nose): And I've heard about others having results and great success using intention

CH (Chin): Maybe I just need a little more patience and persistence

CB (Collarbone): The power of our thoughts and words is great

UA (Under the Arm): So I choose them wisely

TH (Top of the Head): Giving energy, attention and focus to those things I want more of in my life.

EB (Eyebrow): And neutralizing the negative thoughts I don't want with EFT

SE (Side of the Eye): I'm tuning in to a friendly and abundant Universe

UE (Under the Eye): This feels awesome!

UN (Under the Nose): I love knowing the Universe is on my side

CH (Chin): Helping me to receive what I put my focus on

CB (Collarbone): I choose to focus on all that I want, and know that I'm already connected energetically to the things I truly need

UA (Under the Arm): All people and things are connected -- we are all One

TH (Top of the Head): I strengthen this connection by radiating unconditional love

EB (Eyebrow): To everyone and everything in the Universe

SE (Side of the Eye): Heightening this connection and my awareness of it

UE (Under the Eye): Feeling unconditional love radiating back to me

UN (Under the Nose): I can attract my goals and dreams through this knowledge that I am already connected with them

CH (Chin): I love feeling so connected! I am all that I want - and I want all that I am

CB (Collarbone): I choose to create my reality with ease, attracting all that I want and need through the power of intention

UA (Under the Arm): I'm naturally drawn to the highest, best goals, dreams and intentions for me which also serve the highest good

TH (Top of the Head): Amplifying joy, love, peace and abundance for all of us!

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