Being Able to Forgive

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I'm really having trouble forgiving, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I can't bring myself to let them off the hook for this, and forgiving is a form of condoning, I'm still a loving, well-intentioned person who wants to do well in life spiritually, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I have tremendous resistance to forgiving all the ways I was wronged, and I hold on tightly to my anger and resentment because it gives me power, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway, and I open to the possibility of forgiveness.

EB (Eyebrow): There's NO WAY I can forgive them

SE (Side of the Eye): NO WAY. What they did is unforgivable

UE (Under the Eye): No one would blame me for feeling this way. I'm SO justified!

UN (Under the Nose): I felt powerless back then. But withholding forgiveness at least gives me some semblance of power here. I'm in control!

CH (Chin): But I sense these stubborn, negative emotions are hurting me more than them

CB (Collarbone): I am far, far away from Love and joy when I'm in the low vibrations of these negative, judging thoughts

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): But perhaps on some level I needed the lessons in these bad experiences?

UA (Under the Arm): We only attract what we need in life. We can change our vibration at any time through Forgiveness and Love - opening to releasing the ego's need to judge and hate

TH (Top of the Head): I'm not 100% sure why I had to go through these terrible experiences, but I'm open to trusting it was somehow for the best. I choose to learn from it and release the negative energy of it with EFT

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I'm still really struggling with finding a way to forgive this, I know how valuable it would be for me to do this, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I can't seem to give up the feeling of power I feel by withholding forgiveness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though holding this grudge lets me blame others for my own shortcomings and allows me to avoid responsibility for any role I played in attracting these events, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway. I'm open to the possibility of taking responsibility for attracting or choosing this difficult lesson.

EB (Eyebrow): Perhaps I needed to learn something from this... perhaps compassion?

SE (Side of the Eye): Maybe in a past life I did these exact same things to someone's possible. It could be Karma coming around in this life, showing me how it feels.

UE (Under the Eye): It's possible that I chose to go through this to experience these feelings, or to learn the lessons I needed

UN (Under the Nose): Perhaps I chose this in order to learn Forgiveness?

CH (Chin): This is a difficult spiritual lesson... but I'm up to it!

CB (Collarbone): I can change my energy around this issue by knowing that we are like players on a stage. I can lighten up about this learning experience called life, and know that everybody makes mistakes while they are learning

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): Wouldn't I crave Forgiveness if I had made the same mistakes they had?

UA (Under the Arm): And wouldn't I feel such deep gratitude when the forgiveness finally came?

TH (Top of the Head): I'm ready to release my role in this karmic drama

EB (Eyebrow): I am opening now to the possibility of real Forgiveness

SE (Side of the Eye): I am open to a more Loving, understanding, spiritual way of seeing these past events

UE (Under the Eye): I am open to having some empathy here... surely I've done things in my past for which I long for Forgiveness

UN (Under the Nose): There is great power in Forgiveness

CH (Chin): I am tapping into it now

CB (Collarbone): I am such a kind, Loving, compassionate person

TY (Thymus - Middle Chest): I am open to more and more insights about this situation and why it had to happen on my journey of life

UA (Under the Arm): I am open to forgiving myself for choosing these experiences, or attracting them

TH (Top of the Head): I trust that it all happened as it was supposed to, for my highest benefit. I choose to rise above my ego and open to total Forgiveness and Love.

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