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Growing A Business

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I feel "small potatoes" in my business and business' future, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I feel as though I lack the skills, confidence and ability to have a full-scale, full-fledged business with multiple employees and a much greater cash flow, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I have trouble even imagining having a really successful business, I am open to bringing forth the skills necessary in myself to create the highest, best, most enjoyable business and life for myself, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): I can't imagine having a "real" business, a "real", respectable company. I can only see myself having a home-based, small-potatoes business

SE (Side of the Eye): I couldn't handle anything bigger than that!

UE (Under the Eye): Am I supposed to handle a bigger business, with its own building and numerous employees? Is that my true path? Do I even WANT to handle that?

UN (Under the Nose): I'm not a materialistic person. I couldn't just do it for the money

CH (Chin): But it could be fun! And I could employ some cool, creative, fun-to-know people

CB (Collarbone): If I made more money, it could free my up to spend time on healing, spiritual and other fun pursuits

UA (Under the Arm): I would also develop skills as a more loving, organized and social person

TH (Top of the Head): I would develop my sense of self, my inner strength and confidence

EB (Eyebrow): I feel as though my business COULD be bigger. I feel like I could be respected and appreciated by employees and clients

SE (Side of the Eye): I'm not sure how or how big, but I choose to TRUST my inner Divine guidance system and intuition to know what I should do for my highest, best life

UE (Under the Eye): I trust that there is a RIGHT size and direction for my business, and I trust that my Highest Self will not steer me wrong

UN (Under the Nose): I have fears about growing my business

CH (Chin): But I'm open to RELEASING them, and being calm and relaxed about the whole thing

CB (Collarbone): I know my fears about it are exaggerated

UA (Under the Arm): So I release them, and choose to be calm and confident about my business and its growth

TH (Top of the Head): I LOVE how it feels for my True, Best skills, talents and preferences to shine forth naturally and guide me in every aspect of my business, easily and comfortably

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