Getting to My Ideal Weight

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though getting to my ideal weight of _____ seems impossible, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I like food too much and exercise too little to ever get to my ideal weight, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though getting to my ideal weight seems daunting, I am open to feeling great about it and getting there in an easy, healthy and relaxed manner, and I deeply and completely accept myself.

EB (Eyebrow): Getting to my ideal weight seems impossible!

SE (Side of the Eye): How on earth am I going to do that? I haven't been able to in the past

UE (Under the Eye): I love food too much!

UN (Under the Nose): I hate exercise too much!

CH (Chin): But maybe I can change my attitude about it

CB (Collarbone): Maybe I can do what needs to be done to get my ideal weight in an easy, safe, healthy and efficient manner

UA (Under the Arm): My body doesn't need those extra calories I've been feeding it

TH (Top of the Head): I'm eating to meet some other need that can never really be met with food

EB (Eyebrow): Maybe more exercise would actually feel good!

SE (Side of the Eye): Even if it just means walking or taking the stairs more

UE (Under the Eye): I can get more activity into my life in an easy and enjoyable way

UN (Under the Nose): I gravitate toward just the right healthy, fun lifestyle to get to my ideal weight

CH (Chin): I'm releasing the emotional need to overeat and avoid activity

CB (Collarbone): My body and habits are drawn to my ideal weight like a magnet

UA (Under the Arm): All of my eating and activity habits support my ideal weight in a natural, safe, easy, healthy and efficient manner

TH (Top of the Head): And I maintain it in an easy, natural, relaxed and enjoyable manner

EB (Eyebrow): I never feel deprived

SE (Side of the Eye): I don't feel hungry or frustrated

UE (Under the Eye): I LOVE how it feels to eat just what I need to be my ideal weight

UN (Under the Nose): And I never feel deprived!

CH (Chin): I'm removing blocks to exercising just the right amount

CB (Collarbone): I look forward to physical activity each day

UA (Under the Arm): And this balance of healthy eating and exercise

TH (Top of the Head): Gets me to and keeps me at my ideal weight easily, naturally, safely, efficiently and with no feelings of deprivation!

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