Living in the Energy of Greatness and Total Success

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though at times I do not feel like I'm living in the energy of total, 100% Amazing Greatness and Success, like Oprah and Bono and others seem to do effortlessly, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though it feels difficult to get on and stay on the frequency of Awesome, Over-the-Top, Mind-Blowing Success and Greatness in everything I do, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I am not tuned in 100% to Total Greatness and Success in my life, I CHOOSE to be open to tuning in to Incredible Success in EVERY area of my life, all the time, and I deeply and completely accept myself

EB (Eyebrow): Releasing blocks to living the energy of Total, 100% amazing Success and Greatness in my life

SE (Side of the Eye): Releasing old energies holding me back and keeping me from feeling the energy of success and living an INCREDIBLY successful life on all levels

UE (Under the Eye): Tuning in to the super-charged success-energy of individuals like Oprah, Bono, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates and anyone else I greatly admire as examples of people who have totally, AMAZINGLY successful lives!

UN (Under the Nose): Opening up to allowing this energy in my life

CH (Chin): Spiritually

CB (Collarbone): Financially

UA (Under the Arm): Personally, in ALL my relationships. I achieve TRUE success in terms of my personal values and definitions

TH (Top of the Head): Love, Success, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity are mine, naturally - in every area of life!

EB (Eyebrow): I know intuitively the best choices for me to maximize and actualize this energy of over-the-top success in my life

SE (Side of the Eye): I follow my instincts, for they are on-track to all the people, experiences, information, materials and knowledge I need to be AMAZINGLY successful

UE (Under the Eye): I am on my Highest Self Path and tuned in to the energy of the greatest success possible for me on every level

UN (Under the Nose): I have the unflappable confidence of Will Smith with the loving success of Oprah Winfrey, the drive of Howard Shultz and the amazing, forgiving heart of Nelson Mandela (or insert your own heroes here!)

CH (Chin): I radiate success inwardly and outwardly, in the little details and greater picture of my life, and to everyone I meet

CB (Collarbone): I radiate Love, Success, Happiness and Greatness wherever I go!

UA (Under the Arm): People naturally support me in my Highest Self Successful life - they feel inspired to root for me, they never envy me, and are inspired to reach new heights of personal growth as well

TH (Top of the Head): I LOVE living the energy of Total, Mind-Blowing, AWESOME Success in every area of my life, and inspiring others to do the same!

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