On Seeing the World as Miraculous, Not Mundane

Written by Cameron Woodworth

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I sometimes see the world as boring, I choose to experience the brilliance that is in me and all around me.

KC or SS: Even though I sometimes look at myself as less than special, I choose to recognize how extraordinary I am.

KC or SS: Even though I sometimes have a ho-hum attitude about life, I choose to see the beauty in each and every moment.

EB (Eyebrow): Life is so mundane and boring.

SE (Side of the Eye): I feel low energy. My senses are dulled.

UE (Under the Eye): I'm just not in the mood to raise my attitude.

UN (Under the Nose): I'm not special.

CH (Chin): I'm ordinary.

CB (Collarbone): Other people are special, not me.

UA (Under the Arm): I can't raise my energy level that high.

TH (Top of the Head): I like being stuck in the doldrums.


EB (Eyebrow): But maybe I can start to see things differently.

SE (Side of the Eye): Maybe I can start to see the miraculous in everyday living.

UE (Under the Eye): Maybe I can raise my vibration and experience more joy!

UN (Under the Nose): I want to feel that magic.

CH (Chin): I want to BE that magic.

CB (Collarbone): I want to lift up myself, and those around me.

UA (Under the Arm): I want to experience the world through miraculous eyes.

TH (Top of the Head): I want to tune in to the ecstasy of being alive!


EB (Eyebrow): I am a miracle. Life is a miracle.

SE (Side of the Eye): Walking down the street is a miracle.

UE (Under the Eye): Taking a deep breath or a bite to eat is a miracle.

UN (Under the Nose): I want to sieze the day, suck the marrow out of life.

CH (Chin): I'm so grateful to be part of this world.

CB (Collarbone): I'm so happy to be here.

UA (Under the Arm): I'm so grateful for everything that happens in my life, even the things I might view as a problem.

TH (Top of the Head): I'm so happy to be alive! Everything in me and around me is so alive!


"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour."
William Blake -- Auguries of Innocence

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