Fear of Relationships, Trusting People

Setup - Karate Chop (KC) or Sore Spot (SS): Even though I don't feel safe with people, and relationships aren't safe, and I have blocks to getting over this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.

KC or SS: Even though I don't feel safe with people, I want to resolve this issue now. I know that part of me very much ENJOYS and wants to be with people, and knows that relationships can be very satisfying, so I strive to live in this state and not the fear state - and I deeply and completely accept myself despite my fears.

KC or SS: Even though I'm worried that people will hurt me, so I am afraid of relationships, I CHOOSE to open to the possibility that there are people out there who are wonderful to be with, and that my Higher Self can guide me to them, and I deeply and completely accept myself, my fears and all my conflicted feelings.

EB (Eyebrow): I don't feel safe with people

SE (Side of the Eye): People always let me down. They don't treat me well

UE (Under the Eye): Relationships are too risky; I'm afraid to take a chance. I will be hurt again

UN (Under the Nose): But I crave human relationships!

CH (Chin): I need the warmth, love and support of people in my life. We have a lot to offer one another

CB (Collarbone): This is a difficult conflict within me and causes me great turmoil

UA (Under the Arm): I want to be with people, but a part of me is afraid to take the chance! How do I resolve this? I don't trust anyone. Relationships are not safe.

TH (Top of the Head): But part of me knows that some people ARE trustworthy and safe to be with, and they're out there waiting for me!

EB (Eyebrow): They're out there - I just need to tune in to them. I am open to attracting loving, trustworthy people into my life

SE (Side of the Eye): Perhaps I've had some bad experiences with people in the past. For whatever reason, I needed to experience these traumas

UE (Under the Eye): But I choose to RELEASE all the intense fear-energy attached to these traumas now. I am ready to move forward

UN (Under the Nose): Releasing blocks to having good relationships. Releasing fears

CH (Chin): Opening up to all the wonderful, satisfying, safe relationships possible for me

CB (Collarbone): Opening up to being nurtured by the world

UA (Under the Arm): Tuning in to all the most loving and compatible people for me in the world. I am naturally attracted to them, and they to me

TH (Top of the Head): I LOVE how great it feels to release my relationship fears, and be open to mutually satisfying and nurturing relationships!

EB (Eyebrow): I am tuning in to the part of me that feels very safe with people, enjoys relationships very much, and knows I have a lot to offer. This part of me grows in my awareness; it is who I am

SE (Side of the Eye): I am a loving, worthy person with a lot to offer in relationships. I deserve to have just the right number of loving, compatible relationships in my life, and I open to them

UE (Under the Eye): I am now tuning in to the part of me that has had wonderful experiences with people in the past, and knows I can again, and MAGNIFYING it

UN (Under the Nose): I focus on the positive, confident, loving Me, and the part of me that is fearful fades

CH (Chin): I see my loving, confident self in vivid technicolor! I hear it and feel it and know it in my energy field, and it feels wonderful... I love the energy of the knowledge that I can have safe, wonderful, compatible relationships

CB (Collarbone): I CHOOSE to be this loving, confident person as much as possible, and I release the fearful part of me as I AMPLIFY the part of me that's great at having safe, loving, satisfying relationships

UA (Under the Arm): My confidence and capacity to love grows all the time. The fearful part of me fades and fades... it is barely a whisper... and then it's gone

TH (Top of the Head): I LOVE living in the energy of knowing there are safe, trustworthy, loving, nurturing people out there, and I am tuning in to them... I LOVE creating the space for these relationships in my life and sharing these connections with others!

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