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NEW: EFT Borrowing Benefits Teleconferences

Join me for an EFT Group Tapping Session by phone!

(There are no teleconferences scheduled at this time. Please check back later.)

If possible, use a hands-free device on your phone during the call or speaker phone on mute, as we will be doing some Energy Medicine exercises at the beginning of the call. However, if you must hold the phone with one hand, the Energy Medicine exercises can be done just as effectively by "imagining" them.

If you are new to EFT, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the tapping points before the call:

Terms and Conditions: Reading and/or using any information contained on this site as well as participation in Individual Sessions, Group Workshops or Classes are with the understanding that Dena Przybyla is a life coach and not a therapist, physician or counselor. You also understand that EFT, while effective, gentle and safe, is still considered an experimental healing modality and will use it at your own discretion.You agree to hold harmless Dena Przybyla as well as EFT founder Gary Craig for any discomfort or ill effect you may experience resulting from your use of EFT. When in doubt, consult your health care provider before using EFT or any alternative healing method.