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"Thanks Dena for all of your bright shining light energy."
- Kevin, Chicago, IL

"If you haven't taken a class with Dena yet, treat yourself to one of the most inspiring and beneficial things you can do for yourself this year! What surprised me the most was Dena's ability to help me tap on something that I previously thought I couldn't control. Dena has a talent for saying just the right things while tapping, and can create a script on the spot which resonates with exactly what you need to hear. It's like therapy for the mind and spirit! Well worth the money."
Jeanette, Milwaukee, WI

"Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your energy and for being so giving and compassionate!"
- Renu S., Kirkland, WA

"Dena is truly an inspiration, a shining light, a beacon of sincere concern for the betterment of humanity, and thanks to her pioneering efforts with EFT in Seattle, she is helping so many people overcome our anxieties, phobias, pain and dis-eases. Dena walks the talk, demonstrating to each of us that with EFT, we really are at the ground floor of a healing HIGH RISE! You GO GIRL!!!"
- Ms. Emenke, ND LMP MMP EFT-CC, Shoreline, WA

"Thank you for the class last night, Dena. . . looking forward to more tapping! During my trip home, I became aware of having released some ongoing negative judgments in a surprising, light-hearted way. Also, although this was my first time, I felt you were really gifted at this - thanks for sharing your gifts with the world!"
- Wendy P., Seattle, WA

"I was re-introduced to EFT a year ago, through a class that Dena taught, and was invigorated and energized by the process. The way that Dena uses insight, intuition, spirituality, humor and clarity in her tapping process, truly deepened the experience and the results for me. I have continued to receive sessions from Dena and go to her classes and feel that she is able to listen to my explanation of my issues in a way that assists me in realizing what is under it all and is the core of the issue itself. Her encouragement and generosity in sharing her knowledge, through her classes, book, website, and scripts, has been an inspiration to me. I appreciate how she has contributed to my life personally and to the larger community, through healing, education and support."
- Katelon T. Jeffereys

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